me - holt

I am a top-performing digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience delivering exceptional marketing strategies, content, and campaigns for companies in a variety of business sectors. I am confident that I possess the skills, expertise, and insights to excel in this capacity  and play a key role in driving impressive brand awareness and business growth.

The following highlights from my resume represent some of the value I can deliver:

  • Long form and short form sales pages
  • Copywriting
  • Email copywriting
  • White pages
  • e-Books
  • Ad writing
  • SEO
  • e-Commerce
  • PPC/Paid Social
  • Blogging 

I have used Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram ads to drive direct traffic and sales, initiate phone calls, and book appointments for a variety of local businesses. I have been using WordPress since its inception and at one time had over 1200 WordPress sites, so I am very familiar with it as a Content Management platform.

I have written thousands of articles on well over 200 different subjects and am able to write about virtually anything imaginable. Through my chameleon-like writing ability I can relate to anyone from any walk of life; from farmers to doctors even to archaeologists!

Ezine Articles Expert Author | Over 2000 Articles | Over 4.5 Million Views

I also have extensive knowledge in Social Networking and paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

View some of my writing here on my blog by category. If you don’t see what you want contact me and I will send you some content relevant to your specific needs.

Gregg “Storm Wolf” Hall