Acceptance and Detachment

Acceptance allows One to live in the moment and experience true freedom from external influences as well as anxiety over the future and “what ifs” about the past. Through the acceptance of what is we are able to more appreciate and enjoy what we have while knowing that everything is in a constant state of change and evolution.

To detach One’s Self from someone or something is to remove the power of that person or thing over You. It means that Your Peace and Happiness is not reliant upon this external object outside of Your Self. This doesn’t mean that You don’t care as some have supposed, it simply means that you do not allow your caring to harm Your Own Well-Being.

I have stated before that One reaches as State of Being in which Everything matters and nothing matters, all at the same time. This is the simplest way I KNOW to describe it. While You are concerned about everything that exists there is nothing that can happen outside of You that will disturb Your Inner Peace.

When an illusory event seems to be capable of stealing Your Peace, ask Your Self, “Is this under My control?” If it is outside of Your control then it is outside of You and You must let go of it. Worry and anxiety over things We cannot change is the source of pain and misery for many people. We could rid the world of depression and anxiety IF We could teach others to live in the moment.

Own Hero

The state of depression comes from longing for what was or from not accepting what is and allowing it to take its course. There will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys throughout life. How they are traversed depends upon One’s perception. One can soar over them or one can crawl and stumble, it is YOUR choice. Behind every stormy sky, the sun awaits to share its light and warmth.

Live in the moment. Life is continually evolving, nothing stays the same. Whatever situation You find Yourself in at the moment you can be sure that there will be changes to it. To Know Peace, accept what You have in this moment no matter what it is and open your heart and mind to that which is your desire. Maintain positive thoughts and speak positive words. You create Your Own reality with YOUR thoughts and words – Don’t dwell upon what you don’t want…


Live Your Life in The Everlasting Now – For in Every Breath, in Every Heart Beat, THIS is where Eternity is found. This is where You will find Immortality…