Before You Consider The Next Weight Loss Fad You Need To Consider A Lifestyle Change

The twenty-first century has taught us that we can get anything we want in the time that we want it if we just find the right solution, and thanks to “science”, the solution does exist. But many times when we try to find the quick fix to a problem, we never really deal with the heart of the problem. The weight loss community has demonstrated this principle more than any other group in our world.

Consider this: hundreds of commercials and ads promise fast weight loss. Overweight or seemingly overweight individuals dream about becoming the slender girl on the commercial who claims, “I lost 50 pounds with (insert product) and you can too!” In the end though, even when the weight has come off, the side effects of whatever drug taken have waned, the now skinny individual still has the same core problem.

We need to focus on two specific things instead of just weight loss: self nurturing and limitations. A lack of both of these causes not only weight gain but immeasurable psychological problems which many attribute to their overweight status. They think, “If only I could lose 20 pounds, I would feel better about myself”. While the loss of 20 pounds could certainly lead to a physically healthier person, that person’s mental health suffers all the more for going untreated.

So what do we mean when we say “self nurturing” and “limitations”? An individual focused on self nurturing understands the need to look inward, to consider motives for his actions. Why does he really want to lose weight? What purpose does he have? What end does he want to attain? What will he feel like once he has lost the weight? Will it change his perspective? Self nurturing results in an emotionally balanced and connected individual, ready to take on all of life’s challenges, be they physical or emotional weight.

Limitations seem pretty obvious when we talk about weight gain and loss, but in actuality, these refer to more than just food intake. They refer to the limitations of life. Those focusing on their limitations will ask themselves if their expectations are reasonable, if their thinking is powerful and positive, and if the reward is ultimately worth the pain they must go through to get to it. This final question matters the most when considering a weight loss program. Many who seek quick solutions do not consider the pain, the side effects of their weight loss. They just jump right on the diet train. Even if they seek logical lifestyle changes that will help them lose weight healthfully, they often do not consider the full gamut of pain they must experience to get to that particular weight they desire.

Those who focus on these two skills will discover some amazing things, primarily, personal strength. They will have the desire to not only lose weight, but they will lose the desire to overeat. And in the end, they will end up happier and healthier overall, physically, mentally, and emotionally.