Dominate Your Local Market

Local SEO and Social Media Experts use Google My Business and Facebook to Own Your Market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing products online or trying to get your local brick and mortar business found by internet and mobile users in your local area, you MUST realize and understand that you must be a content provider in 2020 and onward in order to be successful online.

Local Search Marketing is another specialized area of SEO that requires expert keyword research and the knowledge of how to properly set up and optimize Google My Business and Google Maps and tie them in with social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

A knowledgeable SEO Content Marketing Consultant can help you set up a content management system that will help to automate your social networking process to attract and interact with those in your local area.

Because of the importance of high-quality well-written SEO content, there is going to be an increased demand for experienced content writers and especially those who know how to choose proper keywords and localize pages to help local businesses dominate their niches. It is also crucial to be mobile friendly as the vast majority of searches for businesses or products are conducted on a mobile device stating “near me”.

This is an area that no business can afford to neglect going forward even if you must trim your marketing budget elsewhere, finding a high-quality SEO content writer must be a priority.

Social Media

Don’t you want to engage your customers in the context that they have now grown accustomed to? Don’t you want more interactions with your customers?

Did you know that 61% of small business owners have gained new customers through social media?

Recent research is showing that 67% of internet users log on to social media websites.

How many of those individuals are your customers?

Social Media will get you more exposure, help you gain a web presence across numerous platforms, and build a community of like-minded followers.

Are You Looking For Quality Copywriting and Content?

I am a very experienced SEO/LSI Copywriter and Marketing Specialist working in the industry since 1993. I have written thousands of articles on well over 200 different subjects and am able to write about virtually anything imaginable. Through my chameleon-like writing ability I can relate to anyone from any walk of life; from farmers to doctors to even archaeologists!

I am an expert Platinum Level Author with over 2200 articles published on Ezine Articles with well over 4 million views…

I have 20 years experience in copywriting, rewriting and optimizing web pages and sales pages for content as well as proper keyword usage with LSI and SEO in mind as well as writing proper META tags.

I have built hundreds of websites and blogs, the majority with WordPress simply because of the fact that Google loves them and indexes them quickly and it is relatively easy to teach clients to maintain if necessary. In the last few years, I have also become well versed with Mobile App marketing and advertising including improving performance and managing in-app advertising across multiple Ad Networks.

I also have extensive knowledge in Social Networking such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Contact me for samples of writing specific to your industry or business or to discuss hiring me at or call 814-314-9127

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