My Story And A Request For Connections

I would like to ask those of you in my network and those of you that follow me to please take a moment to read the story below about the event from 2010 that changed my life and further pushed me to do whatever I had to protect Mother Earth and help fight against those that would poison our water and air, those against a green energy future, and climate change deniers. 

It is my hope that in sharing my story, an organization aligned with my same goals and passion will recognize what an asset someone with my devotion can be. It would be a great blessing for me to be able to utilize my lifelong experience and skills furthering causes that help protect our planet for future generations.

The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

cnn i report

I was born in a small coastal town in Southeast Texas known for oil drilling with oil derricks as far as the eye could see all amongst our bayous and rivers. I moved with my family to Florida at the age of 12 and grew up on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle. The Gulf Coast is a very sacred place to me as well as my relatives and ancestors that made their living from it hundreds of years before I was born. 

When the blowout at the BP drilling site in the Macondo Canyon region of the Gulf happened I was living on Pensacola Beach, a barrier island off of the mainland. I knew when it happened that even though it occurred off of the Louisiana coast, currents would push it to our pristine white beaches in Florida and everywhere in between. The conspiracy to cover up the truth of what happened began immediately…

Living on the beach, I was accustomed to taking long walks and runs every morning at sunrise and one morning in early June I spotted the first oil arriving on our shores. I took photos, shot and uploaded videos to YouTube, and called a local radio station and informed them, subsequently leading to me doing a daily oil report live on air. In addition, I began doing my own reports via video uploads on YouTube and photos uploaded to Facebook. CNN featured my videos in stories about the oil spill. News outlets and other organizations came to interview me. 

As I began reporting the local government and local businesses began attacking me for it because they were afraid it would harm tourism. They put out false stories and painted a picture that we were unaffected when I was walking in ankle-deep oil for miles. BP coordinated with the local government in the coverup, going so far as to bring dump trucks onto the island with sand to cover up the oil so they could pretend it never happened. They did not count on me. As a native, I knew the difference in the sand and that was one of the key points I made in interviews I did as well as showing the oil buried beneath it.

BP Oil Spill 3

As the months went on the attacks on me became more frequent, people that knew my employer encouraged them to let me go, costing me a six-figure job. Soon after this happened, BP contracted individuals to break into my home on the island and they stole all of my computer and storage equipment, then hacked into my accounts and deleted all of my work. Needless to say, I was devastated. I was tested by an independent doctor doing studies of the effects on local residents and was found to have the highest levels of volatile organic compounds in my blood of anyone tested. I stayed for a short time but ran out of savings and became homeless for a time. I left and stayed here and there with friends until I could make it back on my feet. Even though it had cost me all I owned, I knew I had done the right thing and it only made me more devoted to fighting those that would harm the planet for profit and cover up the truth to protect their lies.

That was nearly 10 years ago and it is still fresh in my heart and mind today. I ask you to please share my story and my contact information with those you know in the hopes that someone will be led to make me an offer to utilize my skills and experience for the greater good. I would spend the rest of my days devoted to such an organization.

Thank you,


A.K.A. Gregg Hall – PcolaGregg from the Oil Spill 

There were numerous videos on CNN that have also now been restricted or removed, some had hundreds of thousands of views.

More videos from the Oil Spill saved by others:

The link below is one of the documentaries done on the Gulf Oil Spill – They used a short cut from an interview with me near the end.